Over The Rainbow

Tuesday, February 24 2015

Cakes & Sugarcraft contributor and owner of Tring-based bespoke cake company, Sherry Hostler, has launched a new range of wedding cakes following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in March last year.

Responding to recent news reports of customers being refused service by cake makers based on their sexuality, Sherry said: “As wedding cake designers we play a big part in the success of a wedding, and everyone deserves to be treated equally in the service we offer.”

Sherry has made cakes for several same-sex weddings and in this new collection has used the rainbow pride flag as inspiration. “The rainbow flag is a sign of diversity and inclusiveness among the LGBT community, and I wanted to utilise its symbolism for some of my customers’ cakes,” she explained.

Find out more about The Cake House and see their wide range of designs at www.thecakehouse.biz. Photography by www.adamhollier.co.uk.

The Cake House naked rainbow cake and slices
The Cake House rainbow slice
The Cake House bride groom
The Cake House rainbow flower
The Cake House rainbow flower close-up
The Cake House rainbow flower neon

We all deserve a slice of the cake