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Win A Set Of OUTboss™ Stamps

Thursday, September 10 2020

SweetStamp has recently been adding to its collection with a comprehensive range of fun and useful tools, embossers, stencils, sprinkles and so much more!

Their latest range has taken the cake world by storm. The OUTboss™ range allows you to create toppers with fun and pretty designs and phrases for your cookies and cupcakes.

OUTboss™ is the reverse of an embosser and allows you to create a raised 3D design on your toppers. They can be used on modelling and sugarpaste, modelling chocolate and Sugar Florist Paste (gum paste). To use, just thinly roll out your paste, place your OUTboss™ on top and press down. You can then leave the topper as it is or you can choose to paint it with some edible paints.

Put your stamp on cakes and cupcakes with these OUTboss™ Stamps!

SweetStamp is all about making cake decorating fun and easy. And with over 90 designs to choose from – from Mr & Mrs and Halloween designs, to happy birthday and other expressions, to simple textures and frames – you're sure to get hooked on the SweetStamp buzz in no time.

What You Could Win

We have three sets of three OUTboss™ Stamps to give away! If you win, simply head over to sweetstamp.online/collections/outboss-™ and choose the three stamps you'd like.

How to Enter

Simply enter your name and email address into the box below by midnight on 4th November 2020 and the winners will be picked at random in the days that follow. Good luck!

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