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1930s Style Wedding Cake

by Geraldine Dahlke

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Re-create the elegance of the 1930s on this delicate two-tier wedding cake.

The Victoria and Albert Museum in London has a wonderful library of wallpapers spanning many centuries. This delicately decorated wedding cake was inspired by a beautiful design from their 1930s collection.

What you'll learn
  1. Preparation: Prepare and cover the cakes and make the plaques.
  2. Piping the Stems: Colour the royal icing and pipe the stems onto the cakes.
  3. Brush Embroidery: Add the leaves, buds and petals using the brush embroidery technique.
  4. Deccorating the Plaques: Pipe the inscriptions onto the plaques.
  5. Piped Flowers and Leaves: Pipe the blossoms and clover leaves onto the cakes.
  6. Completing the Cakes: Place the cakes onto the boards and secure the plaques and piped flowers to the cakes.
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