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Alstroemeria and Hazel Ikebana

by Lesley Bassett

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Make a stunning ikebana display of Alstromeria blooms, lily leaves and contorted hazel.

The inspiration for this piece came from Diane Norman & Michelle Cornell’s wonderful book, Ikebana: A Fresh Look at Japanese Flower Arranging (Conran Octopus). The original arrangement featured wide-open tulips and tulip leaves with stems of contorted hazel. However, an equally beautiful effect is achieved using colourful Alstroemeria blooms and lily leaves.

What you'll learn
  1. Alstroemeria Centres: Make the filaments, anthers and pistil for the flowers.
  2. Alstroemeria Petals and Sepals: Create the inner petals and outer sepals.
  3. Alstroemeria Buds: Make several buds to go in the arrangement.
  4. Alstroemeria Leaves: Make two different sizes of alstroemeria leaf.
  5. Alstroemeria Assembly: Tape the buds, flowers and leaves together.
  6. Lily Leaves: Make wired leaves.
  7. Contorted Hazel: Use lengths of wire to create the hazel stems.
  8. Arrangement: Arrange the flowers and leaves in the vase.
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