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Camper Van

by Helen Penman


Use the templates provided to carve a cake into a fun camper van shape ready for decoration.

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In this project, Cakes & Sugarcraft contributor Helen Penman shares one of the most popular designs from her book, Cakes for the Boys (£14.99, B. Dutton Publishing Ltd). Learn how to carve the cake into a van shape then decorate it with a fun design which can easily be adapted to suit any fan of camping, surfing, or both!


  1. Land
    Find out how to carve, cover and texture a piece of cake to make a grassy parking spot for the van.
  2. Sea
    Learn how to shape, texture and colour sugarpaste to look like waves.
  3. Carving the Camper Van
    Use the templates to carve the main cake into a good shape for the camper van.
  4. Covering the Camper Van
    Cover the cake in sugarpaste to provide a smooth base for the decoration.
  5. Decorating the Camper Van
    Discover how to use sugarpaste and MMP to add detail to the van.
  6. Surfboard and Finishing Touches
    Learn how to use flower paste to make a surfboard then make hibiscus flowers for it and the van to complete the decoration.

Occasion: Any
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Featured in Summer 2012 issue

Project by Helen Penman

Helen Penman

author of Camper Van

Helen Penman has been working in sugarcraft for the past 15 years and has a City & Guilds qualification in Sugarcraft and Creative Design. Helen offers a unique and exclusive wedding service with cakes made from the highest quality ingredients and finished to exacting standards. Helen's designs are featured regularly in 'Cakes and Sugarcraft' Magazine and also in 'Wedding Cakes - A Design Source'. Helen is also the author of popular book 'Cake Shaping' by B.Dutton Publishing.