Come Dancing

by Liz Aplin

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Find out how to model a ballroom couple from sugar to look like they are mid-dance.

Ballroom fans will love this cake, whether they like to dance or prefer to watch Strictly Come Dancing. It's a good project for practising figure modelling as it involves giving the characters a sense of movement. You could experiment with different colours and styles of dress to make the dancers unique. Templates are included as a guide to the approximate shape and size of each piece.

What you'll learn
  1. Dance Floor: Transform the cake into a dance floor worthy of the most dazzling ballroom display.
  2. Male Dancer: Find out how to model the male dancer from MMP and add expression to his face.
  3. Female Dancer: Learn how to model the female dancer and give her an hourglass shape following the template guide.
  4. Assembly: Position the dancers on the cake and add a final flourish to the male dancer's lapel.
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