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Easter Bunnies

by Carlos Lischetti


A cute Easter cake design featuring modelled cake-top bunnies in Carlos' signature style.

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These sweet bunnies would make a fun Easter cake top decoration. If you’d like to adapt them for a birthday cake, try replacing the Easter eggs with presents modelled from Sugar Dough.


  1. Boxes
    Make two round boxes from sugar to go on top of the cake.
  2. Sugar Easter Eggs
    Make and decorate hollow sugar eggs using a mould.
  3. Easter Bunnies
    Model all the pieces for the two bunnies.
  4. Assembly
    Secure the cake and all the decorations in place then add the Easter eggs.

Occasion: Easter
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Featured in Spring 2011 issue

Project by Carlos Lischetti

Carlos Lischetti

author of Easter Bunnies

Carlos Lischetti's passion for cake decorating, baking and pastry started over 20 years ago. It started out as a hobby and, as his curiosity grew, Carlos slowly started to take different local cake decoration courses that eventually helped him to master various sugar modelling techniques. These first steps as a sugarcrafter started in Rosario, Carlos's home town in Argentina. When his hobby became a career, he continued to work in Rosario until his ever-growing curiosity led him once again to take more courses, this time in France and England. Ever since this point he has always been self-motivated to try and learn as much as he can from well-known sugar artists around the world. Now a leading name in sugar modelling and recognised as a master around the globe, Carlos passes on the skills and knowledge that he has gained over the years by teaching at international culinary schools and exhibitions.

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