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Halloween Cake

by Jan Clement-May

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This creepy Halloween cake would make a fantastic centrepiece for a party.

What you'll learn
  1. Carving and Covering the Cake: Learn how to carve the cake into a craggy-looking rock then cover with sugarpaste.
  2. Base Board: Cover the board with sugarpaste to a professional standard.
  3. Rocks: Make small rocks from sugarpaste, then learn how to give the cake and board a rocky effect.
  4. Graves: Find out how to model headstones from Sugar Dough.
  5. Mummy Hands: Learn how to model and texture mummy hands from Sugar Dough.
  6. Cauldron: Discover how to create a cauldron and flames from Sugar Dough.
  7. Dragon: Find out how to model a novelty dragon from Sugar Dough.
  8. Pumpkins: Learn how to make pumpkins from Sugar Dough.
  9. Mice: Discover how to make basic mice from Sugar Dough.
  10. Bones: Make bone-shaped decorations from Sugar Dough.
  11. Eyeballs: Learn to model eyeballs using Sugar Dough and an edible food colour pen.
  12. Heart: Make a basic model of a human heart from Sugar Dough.
  13. Magic Spell Book: Discover how to create a magic spell book using Sugar Dough and edible food colour pens.
  14. Spiders: Learn to model novelty spiders from Sugar Dough.
  15. Eyes in the Cave: Use Sugar Dough to make novelty eyeballs to stick on the cake.
  16. Bats: Find out how to make small novelty bats from Sugar Dough.
  17. Wizard: Discover how to make a wizard figure from Sugar Dough.
  18. Cupcakes: Use the novelty halloween decorations to top cupcakes.
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