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Pink Limousine

by Karen Taylor

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Make a stylish arrival with this limousine birthday cake perfect for a stylish sixteen year old.

No sweet 16th birthday would be complete without a pink limousine! This design can be easily adapted for other celebrations such as a girly birthday or hen party.

What you'll learn
  1. Covering the Board: Learn how to decorate a cake board with a stars and text design.
  2. Covering the Cake: Discover how to carve and cover a car-shaped cake.
  3. Windows: Get to grips with making windows for a car cake.
  4. Bumpers: Find out how to make and paint silver bumpers for a car cake.
  5. Grille: Find out how to make and paint a silver grille for a car cake.
  6. Lights: Colour, shape and position lights on a car cake.
  7. Wheels: Learn how to make and decorate wheels for a car cake.
  8. Number Plates: Discover how to personalise your cake using edible food colour pens.
  9. Wing Mirrors: Find out how to shape and secure protruding decorations on a celebration cake.
  10. Finishing Touches: Learn how to finish a celebration cake to a professional standard.
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