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Poinsettia Jewel Christmas Cake

by Susanna Righetto


Create a chic chocolate cake for your Christmas table featuring the fabulously festive poinsettia.

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As thoughts turn to Christmastime, the colours that come to mind are warm and rich, like the atmosphere at that time of the year. This cake combines the queen of Christmas flowers, the poinsettia, with the opulence of gold and the indulgence of chocolate. The focus is on taste too, coupling dark chocolate with orange ganache and orange hazelnut paste. The crowning touch is the almond flavour of the gold macaroons that pairs so well with the jewel-like centres of the poinsettias.


  1. Covering and Assembling the Cakes
    Layer and fill the cakes before covering with Cocoform and adding macaroon halves.
  2. Poinsettia Buds
    Make the small gold buds for the poinsettias.
  3. Poinsettia Centres
    Use stamens to make the small flowers for the centres.
  4. Poinsettia Bracts
    Make the big, showy bracts for each flower.
  5. Assembly
    Tape the poinsettia parts together and secure them onto the cake.

Occasion: Christmas
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Featured in Winter 2012 issue

Project by Susanna Righetto

Susanna Righetto

author of Poinsettia Jewel Christmas Cake

Susanna Righetto is a talented sugar florist and creates flowers that are stylish and feminine with a romantic flair. Susanna started out as a professional photographer before discovering that she could combine her passions for photography and baking through sugar floristry. After studying under sugar floristry experts Alan Dunn and Paddi Clark, Susanna obtained her Master Certificate from Squires Kitchen International School in 2011. Having achieved her certificate, Susanna now teaches sugar floristry in northern and southern Italy. She has demonstrated at both The Cake Show and the Cake Design Italian Festival, two major sugarcraft exhibitions in Italy, and starred in two episodes of Le Torte di Toni, an Italian TV show hosted by Australian sugarcrafter Toni Brancatisano.

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