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Psychopsis Orchid

by Alan Dunn

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This exotic orchid is the perfect project if you are looking to make unusual sugar flowers.

This unusual Psychopsis orchid belongs to a genus of about four species from Central and South America and is closely related to the Oncidium variety. The name comes from ancient Greek: ‘psyche’, meaning butterfly, and ‘opsis’, meaning resembling – referring to the butterfly-like appearance of the flower, which is commonly called the butterfly orchid. Alan has used a single Psychopsis orchid in this unusual arrangement and added assorted foliage to complement the focal flower. The base is a candle holder filled with Stay Soft flower base and the orchid and foliage are arranged with the addition of aubergine coloured trails of paper-covered wire and pieces of floristry silver mesh wire.

What you'll learn
  1. Column: How to make the column and attach the stamens
  2. Labellum (Lip Petal): How to cut out, vein, wire and colour the labellum (lip petal)
  3. Lateral Petals (Arms) and Dorsal Sepal (Head): How to cut out, vein, wire and colour the lateral petals and dorsal sepal
  4. Lateral Sepals (Legs): How to cut out, vein, wire and colour the lateral sepals
  5. Assembly: How to assemble the orchid with floral tape
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