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Skateboard Park Birthday Cake

by Helen Penman

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Any birthday boy would be impressed with this skateboarder who looks like he's actually skating!

This cake really captures the fun of playing outside. It is perfect for a skateboard fan and would make a cool centrepiece at any teenager’s birthday.

What you'll learn
  1. Covering the Cake and Boards: Find out how to carve, cover and texture the cake.
  2. Brick Wall: Discover how to create a brick wall effect using a colour wash.
  3. Graffiti: Create graffiti-style writing from modelling paste.
  4. Skateboard: Make a skateboard from modelling paste using a template.
  5. Skateboarder: Find out how to make a model of a skateboarder, using techniques to give the figure movement and texture.
  6. Finishing Touches: Discover how to assemble the cake and backboard and apply finishing touches to the cake.
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